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Hydracooling was born is 2009 thanks to the determination of a group of professionals of commercial refrigeration, sharing the experience and the will to make the difference in the refrigeration market.

Currently, Hydracooling is a reference international supplier that exports solutions for refrigeration, multidecks, , serve-overs and isles. With partners all around the world with whom the commercial trust is obtained thanks to the quality, the performance and the efficiency that characterize our equipments in different business areas, supermarkets, coffee shops, pastries, butcheries, fish shops, among others.

Being a young company, Hydracooling always needed to prove its value in the market, its characteristic perseverance and know-how in controlling ventilated refrigeration has made Hydracooling a proven performance brand.

One of its biggest partners is a rental service company, present in many European countries which has enabled it to develop since 2009 sustainable equipment of incomparable quality, always with the rational use of our planet’s resources.

Over the years, Hydracooling has created an organizational culture based not only on ideas but also on a set of practices that define the identity of the company.

We are a company that lives in the present, forward-looking, authentic, valuing the people who make up this unique team and its partners.


Focus on continuous formation of human capital. A multi-disciplinary team for a more efficient and sustainable future.


The team has nearly 100 committed employees.


Customers become partners due to the humanized relationship and because we work to create value and develop strategic solutions.


We manufacture nearly 5000 units per year, conceived for a unique consumption experience.


We export almost 95% of what we produce. The USA and Europe are our main markets.


Hydracooling has 4 production units, reaching-out 7500m². 


To Develop and Design commercial refrigeration equipment with high quality and reliability standards with a team of qualified people looking to develop sustainable solutions, adding value to each of our customer business areas. 


Asserting ourselves as a referent company in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration solutions, focusing on growth and international recognition. Sustained by a team of highly qualified professionals whose unity, dedication and professionalism provide guidance and continuous improvements with the latest and most sustainable practices, seeking to create innovative solutions, in order to give an added value to our customers.



Human valorization

Team Spirit





Parque Industrial de Guimarães
1ª Fase - Pavilhão G15
4805-661 Guimarães


(+351) 253 470 340*

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