With over three decades of experience, our products are marketed in more than 25 countries for different business areas, from large food distribution chains to supermarkets and mini markets, catering, cafeteria, pastry, butchers and Delicatessen.
As refrigeration specialists, in Hydracooling we have a wide variety of exhibitors, from showcases, islands, multidecks and low-height multidecks, always in constant evolution in order to follow the latest market trends and consumer demands.


  • Carry out the company activity with an improvement philosophy view, particularly concerning the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Managing stakeholders expectations efficiently and effectively, acting accordingly with their expectations aiming the satisfaction and customer loyalty

  • Encourage employees to innovate, promoting the commitment and personal fulfilment of oneself

  • Encourage the company culture and quality policy, spreading and valuing oneself commitment to it

  • Ensure the necessary and adequate resources and means

  • Maintain a good relationship with external suppliers so as to guarantee their real commitment to product / service quality, having in mind the ethical trade principles (ETI - Ethical Trade Initiative).

  • Comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation applicable throughout the organization.


  • Design and manufacture commercial refrigeration equipment especially for food products, according with the highest quality standards, with a competitive price in order to satisfy client the expectations and needs.


  • HYDRACOOLING has in its DNA the objective of being a reference organization in the market where it operates, namely through differentiating concepts and solutions that create value, both for customers and for other stakeholders.

Hydracooling Refrigerated Displays

are designed and developed to store fresh and frozen foods and beverages at the ideal temperature, preserving original flavours and characteristics for a longer period of time and allowing the customer easy access to the product.


Design and exclusivity with the best energy efficiency


Exhibitors dedicated to promotions and product shows, with or without decoration


certified and reliable

  • Maximized energy efficiency
  • Preservation of the environment with ecological refrigerants
  • High quality materials and durability
  • Total safety in the electrical devices
  • Certifications for the different markets in the world
  • Constant search for new solutions


tailor made customer

  • Customer advising service
  • Production of large, medium and small quantities
  • Design Centre for customized development and manufacturing
  • Short delivery times

Design and manufacture

as a world reference

  • We export 95% of our production for more than 25 countries