With a flexible production structure, we present two product lines: ELEGANCE (Design and exclusivity with the best energy efficiency) and PROMO (exhibitors dedicated to promotions and product shows, with or without decoration).
Any product line can be adapted to the needs of the customer, and can even be designed and built completely to the measure, and supplied in small or large quantities. Our production lines are driven towards quality and adaptability to customer expectations. In Hydracooling we also have a team of counsellors able to present you the best solutions adapted to the specifics of each business.

Production according to CE and ETL standards

All products are designed and manufactured by European and American standards (CE and ETL) and are accompanied by a Hydracooling quality assurance. With a factory in Portugal, Hydracooling has state-of-the-art production technology, a product design centre, and testing and simulation laboratories to ensure the best equipment, with high energy efficiency and high durability.

We design, produce and export equipment worldwide, according to customer specifications and adjusted to their markets and delivery times.